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"Brightening Shadows with Broadway Stars"

Shadow Star is the only Broadway Mentoring App that connects aspiring performers with Broadway mentors.

When you shadow our Stars, their spotlight shines on you.



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At Shadow Star we know you are the kind of hardworking and driven people who have what it takes to be a professional performer and maybe even be on Broadway one day or you wouldn't be reading this right now. In order to do that, you need guidance. The problem is you don't feel ready, you don't feel like you have had the right training, or you're from a small town where nobody understands what it is you are trying to do and can't help you, which makes you feel like your dreams or goals might be out of reach. Well, we were all in your shoes once. We understand you, and we believe that if you have the right people guiding you along your journey providing you tips and techniques that take years to master then you will jump lightyears ahead of where you would be trying to it all on your own. That's why we created Shadow Star as a mobile app. We want to connect you directly to the pros who have made it to the top and who know first hand how to get there. Here's how it works: Become a member of Shadow Star, and get a mentor that believes in you and provides you with skills that have taken them to Broadway and beyond. Download Shadow Star now, so you can stop feeling like you don't have what it takes and start learning how to be a Star.


$69.99 per Year

(That's only $5.83 per month!)

A mentor's value is their ability to see ahead of what you cannot see, shine a light, and help you navigate a course to your destination.

If a man is to shed light upon other men, he must first have it within himself.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.



√ One-On-One, LIVE Sessions with Broadway Stars dedicated to being your personal mentor

√  In-App video call or In-Person sessions

√ Freedom to actually choose your own mentor whenever you want to have a session with them

√  Inspirational mentor videos

√ Filters to help narrow your search for the perfect mentor

√ Personality trailers to help you decide who might be right for you

√ Receive real world advice about the show business industry that pertains specifically to you in real time

√ Goal setting, accountability, networking, and a true sense of personal attention unlike any other program

√ Affordable membership subscriptions keep levels of commitment high without breaking the bank while allowing you to book at your own pace creating customer satisfaction and a serious group of dedicated, aspiring performing 


Note: Subscriptions do not cover mentoring session rates. Individual session rates will apply per mentor. 


Receive exclusive access to our Broadway mentors and insider video content for an entire year.


A year with us will give you the opportunity to learn from multiple mentors, gain insider knowledge about the industry, and develop a new, supportive network in the business.

Per our privacy policy and terms and conditions you must be at least 13 years of age or older to download, join, or use Shadow Star. 



- Yearly membership subscription of only $69.99 includes an entire year of access to live one-on-one sessions with actual Broadway mentors through the app.

- Individual session rates vary between mentors in the app. The average cost is $60 for an entire hour of in-app, live, video call sessions. You can choose which mentor is right for you based on their rates and availability.

-  Membership includes complimentary in-app messaging with our mentors in order to ask questions about availability, follow up after a session with any questions or updates, etc. 

- Membership helps ensure that our members are serious about a career in the performing arts, and it keeps customer satisfaction high regarding the amount of available mentor sessions, which are first-come-first-serve and subject to individual mentor availability.


We are YOUR biggest fans. We are YOUR groupies. We want to see YOU shine.

Shadow Star is the premier Broadway mentoring mobile app designed to help those in search of a career in the performing arts. We are here to connect you to Broadway Stars who will become your biggest supporters and work to help you reach your full potential.


Imagine your life as a professional actor. We will help you create that life by supporting you every step of the way. Our Stars have all been on Broadway, and they are here to guide you, hold your hand if you need it, and help you make choices to support your future career as a theater professional.


Our goal is to teach you all the things we wish we knew when we were just starting out. You are here because you're serious about a career in the performing arts, and we are serious about helping you succeed.