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"Brightening Shadows with Broadway Stars"

Shadow Star is the new mobile app that connects aspiring performers with Broadway mentors. When you shadow our Stars, their spotlight shines on you.




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 Receive support, wisdom, and guidance along your journey

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Yearly Membership

A galaxy has all the stars in one group you could ever dream of seeing, and we want you to have the chance to see them all. 


Receive exclusive access to our Broadway mentors and insider video content for an entire year.


A year with us will give you the opportunity to learn from multiple mentors, gain insider knowledge about the industry, and develop a new, supportive network in the business.

If a man is to shed light upon other men, he must first have it within himself.

All-Access Membership Includes

✓Exclusive interviews of Broadway Actors     only available in-app

✓In-app messaging with Broadway


✓Access to in-app video mentoring*

✓Access to in-person mentoring in NYC*

You can shadow a Broadway actor in-person in NYC or via in-app video. You will be able to create individually curated experiences with your mentors and shadow auditions, class and anything else you and your mentor decide on. Learn first-hand what a day in the life of a professional actor is like. You'll receive support, wisdom and guidance for your career, as well as create valuable networking opportunities and friendships in NYC.

*Additional rates apply per mentoring session and may vary between mentors.

*All pricing for membership packages and individual mentoring sessions will be available upon app launch.


Monthly Membership

Constellations have guided us throughout history. While we do recommend a full and complete journey around the sun, our Stars will be happy to take you as far as you want to go.

Start a monthly membership at anytime. Keep going monthly for as long as you wish, or cancel your next month  before the start date of the following month in your billing cycle according to our terms and conditions in the app.

A mentor's value is their ability to see ahead of what you cannot see, shine a light and help you navigate a course to your destination.



We are YOUR biggest fans. We are YOUR groupies. We want to see YOU shine.

Shadow Star is the premier Broadway mentoring mobile app designed to help those in search of a career in the performing arts. We are here to connect you to Broadway Stars who will become your biggest supporters and work to help you reach your full potential.


Imagine your life as a professional actor. We will help you create that life by supporting you every step of the way. Our Stars are here to guide you, to hold your hand if you need it, and to help you make choices to support your future career as a theater professional.


Our mentors are 'living the dream', and they want to give back to help you live yours, too. Each one of them has been in a show on Broadway, and each one is currently still active in the business. Our goal is to teach you all the things we wish we knew when we were just starting out. You are here because you're serious about a career in the performing arts, and we are serious about helping you succeed.



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